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  • Chianti DOCG

    Chianti DOCG Fattoria San Quintino

    Wine of humble origins, Chianti DOCG is born in the fourteenth century. as a perfect complement to peasant dishes from the Tuscan tradition. Its medium to high acidity and medium tannins, make it a suitable companion to many dishes, especially those based on tomatoes. For this Chianti DOCG is that it can be “everyday wine”, we wanted to keep the traditional grapes and the jovial and lively, it is a wine to drink at a table, preferably in the company.

  • La Fagiana | 100% Sangiovese

    La Fagiana Fattoria San Quintino

    Born from a vineyard Sangiovese which takes its name from the land on which it is planted: in living memory, every year a large number of female pheasant have chosen this place to nest. In the highest position and exposed to the sun, the vineyard Fagiana produces the best grapes, small and sparse. Label award-winning, The Fagiana boasts a score of 86/100 in the Gilbert & Gaillard Wine Guide writes: “Deep ruby color. Complex nose of cocoa, red fruits in alcohol (blackberries and raspberries) and balsamic notes of eucalyptus. In the mouth has a good acidity and tannins not aggressive. Continue the spicy note of cocoa. Ideal with cheese “the Fagiana also won the bronze medal at the Decanter World Wine Awards 2014 and the International Wine Challenge 2014. While at the 15th edition of the Mundus Vini took home the gold medal.

  • IGT Toscano Quinto | 100% Merlot

    IGT Toscano 100% Merlot

    Quinto, in honor of the San Quentin that gives its name to our hill, it is a Tuscan IGT produced by sun Merlot grapes from the Meoni’s vineyard. A careful selection and manual collection in boxes of the best grapes, a wine born important that we let mature in French oak barrels for at least a year. Fifth is a wine with elegant structure and a long finish; best with game, stews and mature cheeses. We recommend opening the bottle at least an hour before serving and store it lying down if possible.

    Fifth it was also selected among the wines recommended by the Decanter World Wine Awards 2014 won the gold medal in Les Citadelles du Vin in 2014. While at the 15th edition of the Mundus Vini took home the gold medal, and has collected a score of 85/100 on the Gilbert & Gaillard.

  • Vin Santo Santorpè | Trebbiano e Malvasia

    Vin Santo Santorpè

    Vin Santo is considered the treasure of every farm because the result of many seasons and manual labor in the Tuscan tradition plays an important and full of meaning; its production cycle tied to the main celebrations of the Christian liturgical calendar. Our Vin Santo is the Trebbiano and Malvasia grapes, which are carefully selected by hand at the time of harvest and left to dry during the winter months in vinsantaia farm on so-called castles. And ‘the wine symbol of hospitality: every family it offers its guests, maybe with nooks, or end of a meal as an accompaniment to cheese or blue cheese.

  • Nicchiaia IGT

    Nicchiaia IGT

    This fresh and lively white wine, produced since 100 AD, named after a Christian martyr at the time of Nero and probably comes from the deformation of the medieval Latin Eutropius, of Greek origin, meaning “good hearted”. The boat carrying his body was abandoned to the waves of the sea and, after a long sail, landed on the French coast in the resort which is then called Saint-Tropez. The San Torpé is a white Pisan fresh, reminiscent of the sea, fruity aroma and dry taste, to be drunk young accompanied to appetizers, soups, seafood and fish baked in foil.

  • Grappa of Chianti

    Grappa of Chianti

    This young and soft grappa chianti born from fresh pomace of Sangiovese result of the production of Chianti. For this reason, it remembers the aroma and flavor notes peculiar all’uvaggio. We rely on the expert hands of a small distillery conducted by women, thus ensuring that our grappa chianti, burgundy from the bottle through the stills, retains its uniqueness and fragrance. In ancient grappa classic were produced by marc undifferentiated, it is only since the 70s that was introduced production “Monovitigno”, ie produced by a single type of grape, and this radical shift has changed the concept of grappa, raising it by one status of low level in the distillate of merit.

  • Extra virgin olive oil

    Extravergine Olive Oil

    Olives, all coming from our three thousand olive trees are harvested by hand and pressed within 24 hours at low temperature and in the absence of oxygen. In this way it prevents oxidation of any kind and the extra virgin olive oil is fragrant and of low acidity, in addition to then keep for a long time.